About our CEO

David McCovy-Founder

David is a Las Vegas, Nevada native and lifetime entrepreneur. Building businesses from the ground up is nothing new to David. He has invested in a hollywood film and has owned businesses in the clothing, restaurant and entertainment industries including the largest independent concert company in Las Vegas.

When David was introduced to the power of network marketing, he dove in headfirst. Quickly amassing top earner recognition as a representative in the companies that he entered. To embark on a different challenge, David started his own network marketing company in 2015 and has produced over 200 million dollars in sales.

Now he is one of a select group of people as a documented multi-million dollar earner as a representative turned company owner. Using his experience from the field along with that of an owner, David is excited to help create an amazing culture and massive success here as the Founder of Epic Trading.

Finra Rules & Regulation

  • Continous Innovation – we keep involving in utilization of new technology.

  • Effective Management – we employ extensive high discipline and experience insight in decision making.

  • Strategy & Planning – we keep focus on technology and industries that evolves needs of today's investor.

  • Artficial Intelligence – we believe that artificial intelligence (AI) learning system will transform all sector in the economy and we venture in it's early age.


In this article, we want to provide you a quick overview of the features that are on the ET roadmap along with a brief explanation.

(Q4 2020)

1. New crypto listings

In the coming quarter, we’ll add more crypto assets to the platform by integrating with a partner. We’ll share specifics on what assets these are as soon as possible!


(Q1/Q1 2021)

2. Auto-investing

This feature is based on the dollar-cost-averaging (DCA) method that is widely acknowledged as one of the best investment techniques in history. The auto-investing features allow you to set up a periodic investment of cryptos and fiat for a predetermined amount. Over time your purchase price will average out and you will be less susceptible to volatility. Some see this as a safer investment approach if your strategy is focused on the long-term.


(Q1/Q2 2021)

3. Native iOS and Android app

The number one result from the product survey we conducted was that our users would like to use ET on an iOS or Android app, just like the other programs. Therefore, we are going to build a native iOS and Android app! This could also possibly mean an integration of ET within another native apps.

In addition to these bigger features, there are also other improvements that we’ll be working on. Stay up to date by subscribing to our bi-weekly newsletter. You can subscribe by creating Epic Trade account.